Retrain your mind. Take back control.

People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take on them

Epictetus, Stoic Philosopher


Generally, people come to see me for hypnotherapy because they feel they have lost control in some area of their life and this is causing them discomfort and/or holding them back. They have unwanted emotions, bad habits, unhelpful thoughts that fuel fear, doubt, anxiety. I ask them to consider these ideas:

  • Perhaps these kind of problems are not something the person has, or suffers from, but is something they have learnt to do?
  • Are unpleasant emotional responses and negative self talk a result of underlying unconscious beliefs that undermine and sabotage the way they really want to be?
  • Has the mind learnt a problem so well that it can do it automatically and now it feels beyond its control?

We accidentally learn unhelpful habits, unwanted emotional responses or self-talk to ourselves in a way that debilitates and undermines our true selves. Perhaps over time we have practiced these things so they feel part of us. Yet the basis of these things is not real, it only exists in our heads, things that you have learnt, not really you.

You can learn something new.


Get clear on your issue, decide what you want to achieve, how you want to be, how you want to feel.


Learn the ideas and techniques to control, overcome and make the change. Use hypnosis to accelerate the process.


Apply what you have learnt, practice until it becomes a skill, becomes automatic, part of you, easy.

What is [Hypno]therapy?

My approach to therapy can be described as training; teaching clients to understand and overcome their issue. Helping them to develop skills, confidence and self-efficacy with which to deal with their problem both now and in the future as well as potentially offering benefits in other areas of their lives.

Hypnosis is a centuries old phenomena; having been subjected to rigorous study and clinical testing, is now a recognised therapy for specific issues or conditions.

I offer a gentle and yet pragmatic approach to therapy which is all about putting you back in control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Whilst the effect of hypnotherapy can appear magical, is it not some mystical ability but about learning to use your mind in different ways.

I describe hypnosis as focused imagination, where you become so involved in your imagination that it becomes real for you. You are mentally alert and in control, your inward focus giving the mistaken external impression of sleep. Hypnosis is something you do, not something that is done to you.

The purpose of hypnosis is to achieve unconscious change to those things that appear automatic or part of you. The effect can be powerful and yet subtle; perhaps feeling like you have always been that new way.

Hypnotherapy does not suit all people and/or issues so before therapy begins there is a free 20 minute consultation so we can discuss your issue; if and how I can help and your options. There is no obligation to book any sessions or even to decide there and then.

Contact Me

Who is Steve Baxter?

Steve Baxter Hypnotherapist

I am a qualified and accredited therapist working full time delivering online therapy in this time of Covid-19.

I worked as a senior tutor at a major UK hypnotherapy school based on the South Coast. I am a co-founder and Technical Director of the UK Hypnotherapy Council

I have trained and studied a wide range of complimentary approaches to therapy and hypnotherapy and I follow an evidence based approach based on scientific research and clinical studies.

I specialise in helping people overcome problematic anxiety (including phobia) especially when associated with performance (such as stage fright or exam nerves)

Where, When & how do I get to...Steve Baxter Hypnotherapy?


Strawberry House Clinic
12 Station Approach

Contact Details

Steve Baxter0845 519 9301
SH Clinic020 8650 0509

Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00am to 20:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 16:00
Public Holidays Closed


There is a large public Pay-and-Display car park off Station Approach (entrance is next to the Hayes (Kent) Railway Station) or on Station Approach. If you don't mind a short walk you can park for free on the side roads to the north, eg Stanhope Avenue

Public Transport

The clinic is a 1 minute walk from Hayes (Kent) Mainline train station (HYK). Leave the station by its only exit, turn left down Station Approach and the clinic is a little way along on the left hand side.

Bus routes 119, 138, 246, 314, 353 and 638 have stops on Station Approach

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